I have been involved in the creation and evolution of many sites, from healthcare assessment companies to major technology publishing sites. I have deep experience in:

Some of the sites we have helped develop, design and/or market include:

(2007-Nov 2010)
Responsible for community and product management at this healthcare startup. We provide information and services for people with critical illnesses. We've created a platform for collecting and sharing real world, outcome-based patient data and are establishing data-sharing partnerships with doctors, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, research organizations, and non-profits.
UCompareHealthCare offers highly comprehensive comparisons of healthcare provider quality based on data from multiple sources.

Hired as a consultant to this healthcare quality assessment start-up I managed the development of the company's product lines from concept through launch. Acted as the senior business analyst, developing a complete set of product requirements, hired a staff of 20 people from a range of expertise area (technology, healthcare analytics, editorial, design, QA, database, networking and security) and managed the product development team while assisting in site design and development.
As senior vice president/general manager of online for CXO Media, was responsible for the strategy, content, design and technology for this site for ten years. I was responsible for daily operations of the site, and managed the team that updated and evolved the site. The team also launched and evolved other properties during this time, including CSO, Darwin, CMO, the CIO Executive Council, xNet Consortium, BIO-ITworld.com, the CIO Store, Best Practice Exchange and a series of newsletters and other services.
   CIO Wanted
This project developed an online help-wanted system which allowed recruiters to post positions, allowed us to vet the positions before posting, and then posted the jobs to the site. We used this basic framework for our other properties (CMO and CSO) later.
   The CIO Store
While CIO is free for qualified readers we saw an opportunity to create "bundles" of related content which we packaged, added some new content to (surveys, research reports) and then sold online in the CIO Store. I managed the program to develop this e-commerce capability, which included content development, sales and marketing strategy, partnerships with content providers, and the e-commerce engine to support order fulfillment.
   CXO Content
   management system

We developed our own content management system, and I managed several projects to extend and improve this system. The CMS system was based on a dynamic taxonomy which gave the editorial team the flexibility to simply tag any new piece of content (from magazine articles, research reports, to job postings and event notices), and it automated adding this content to our content sections. This allowed us to provide rich content areas ("research centers") containing updated, dynamic and varied information.

This CMS system provided a powerful framework for us as we launched new publications. We could develop a new taxonomy and reuse the techology to create a dynamic content system within weeks, at far less cost than a commercial product would.

I managed the creation of three technology executive communities, starting with the xNet Consortium, a community for online leaders which included many industry leaders and members from the leading companies of the time. I was responsible for creating, developing and growing this effort, and managed each of the eight real-world events we had, including speaker recruitment and meeting logistics.

Beyond xNet we also developed two online communities for CIOs. The CIO Best Practice Exchange was a closed community which allowed CIOs to share ideas and best practices. A community leader developed the audience development strategy, the technology team developed the community platform, and the editorial team helped develop content. This project took about six months to complete from concept to launch.

We later created a more upscale version of our CIO community in the CIO Executive Council, with a higher membership fee and more real-world meetings. Again I managed the evolution of our community strategies and tools to develop and launch this program.
Darwin, CMO, CSOonline, BIO-ITworld.com
Over the 10 years I managed CXO Media's online effort we launched several new publications, each with a complenting online presence. I managed each of these launch programs, all of which were completed on time, and each of which was custom-designed for its specific audience and their information needs. The launch teams for these sites included information architects, designers, editorial, technology, marketing, subscriptions and sales members. Each launch was managed in a very rigorous way, as it was critical to coordinate the work being done across the team to insure we met our deadlines.
Digital Equipment Corp.
Managed a number of technology projects, including the development of major engineering design management system for a large-scale hardware development program (the VAX9000), a project that involved over 40 software engineers from three companies in four locations, the development of an enterprise-wide data warehouse strategy, the development of one of the first distributed processing systems, and finally the development of one of the first corporate intranets.
Responsible for systems development, design and content strategy. Directorship is a publication of NewsMarkets, a new media start-up in Boston.
AccesSports America
Led design and initial development of this site for a not for profit organization, and continue to be responsible for the site's evolution and operation (volunteer position).
Airprint Networks
Developed site for a local high-tech wireless utility start-up, and servinv as advisor to company.